SHE ~ The Self Healing Essentials

SHE ~ The Self Healing Essentials

SHE ~ The Self Healing Essentials


AVAILABLE from 31st January 2024.

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10 Week Self Paced Course with 12 Modules.

  1. Awakening Consciousness
  2. Ego Awareness & Stories
  3. Inner Critic
  4. Objective Observation
  5. Boundaries
  6. Emotion Regulation & The Nervous System
  7. Emotional Needs
  8. Sense of Self
  9. Breathwork, Visualisation, & Meditation
  10. Rewriting Limiting Beliefs
  11. Subconscious Wounds
  12. Introduction to Inner Child Work
  13. Bonus – Embodying Self Healing Essentials
  14. Bonus – The Universal Laws

Each week you will gain access to one module. Each module is designed to guide you through one or more self healing tools. The Modules are released weekly to give you time to sit with each tool/strategy and implement them into your life. If you have already begun using the tool that is release on a particular week, I invite you still review the tool and then check out the bonus modules. The bonus modules are available from the first day you gain access.

SHE was birthed from Nikki’s work as a Psychologist. She used these tools and strategies with her clients to help them move through the difficulties they faced in life. Quite often, these tools alone were powerful enough for a client to begin working through difficulties on their own, therefore not needed to rely on continual therapy. These tools and strategies are here to provide a foundation for your self healing journey. When used as intended, you will noticed profound shifts in your mood, mindset and life.