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connect with your authentic self and experience genuine joy, self-love, and connection.

Rewrite your patterns with relationships and experience true love with yourself and others.

Nikki is an intuitive psychologist who has found a passion for mentoring women through healing subconscious wounds that are unconsciously impacting their lives and intimate relationships.  Nikki uses the power of self-awareness and emotional healing to transform and guide her clients away from unconscious patterns of behaviours that are sabotaging their relationships and empowers them to choose healthier behaviours that align with their authentic selves. 

When we can heal the underlying emotional wounds,
we are able to experience true connection with ourselves and others.

Nikki believes relationships should not be hard work, however they do require effort.  When both men and women put the effort into working on themselves to heal their emotional wounds, a relationship can blossom and true connection can be experienced.

About Nikki

Nikki’s life philosophy is centered on the principle of ‘self-awareness’, and with this she empowers women to be the most authentic version of themselves through varied tools and processes.

Utilizing her 7 years of studying how the mind works and embracing her own self-development journey for over a decade, Nikki works to empower women who are ready to take their journey to the next level by healing their subconscious wounds from childhood and aligning with their authentic selves.

Through the power of the digital age, Nikki has now made her knowledge and vibration accessible to women across the world, providing them the opportunity to start or continue their journey through online self-paced courses with ongoing support of the virtual community.

Nikki grew up in a small country town in the Whitsundays. After many years of studying and seeing different parts of Australia, Nikki has now settled at the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, where she lives with her partner and their children.

How I Can Help You


Online Courses

Nikki has created online courses inspired by her personal journey and professional knowledge. Nikki is on a mission to help women all over the globe develop their self-awareness and heal emotional wounds so they can experience authentic loving relationships.


Nikki provides online resources to assist you on your journey. Free resources and small investment resources are available to support online courses.


Healing emotional wounds and creating long lasting relationships is essential for everyone at some stage in their journey. Wherever you are in the world, Nikki is able to support you on your journey and guide you towards authentic relationships with your current or future partner.

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