SHE – Sample Module

SHE – Sample Module

SHE – Sample Module


Rewrite Your Limiting Beliefs – Just one of the Modules offered in SHE.

Create anything you desire in your life by changing the limiting beliefs that have been silently sabotaging your desires. These limiting beliefs exist in your subconscious mind and have been driving you further away from your desires without, possibly without your conscious awareness. 

Come on a journey to identify and change these beliefs and unlock the limitless potential for you to start creating everything you have ever dreamed of. Once you have changed the beliefs, you will witness changes easily unfold right in front of your eyes. 

Purchase this Module to get a feel for what is offered in SHE. This gives you access to this module ONLY. You will have access for 12 months from date of purchase. Email nikki@nikkihorsford.com if you would like to purchase the complete program (discount offered if this module is purchased first).





SHE comprises of over 10 modules, with one module released each week. Each module is designed to guide you through one or more self healing tools. The Modules are released weekly to give you time to sit with each tool/strategy and implement them into your life. Some modules may show you tools you are already using, it is good to revise what you’re doing and see if you can improve the effectiveness of the tool. There are also bonus modules given. The bonus modules are available from the first day you gain access.

You will have access to this platform for 12 months. Should you wish to continue to have access, please email nikki@nikkihorsford.com and we can send you a link to purchase a monthly membership (you are free to cancel anytime as a monthly member).

SHE was birthed from Nikki’s work as a Psychologist. She used these tools and strategies with her clients to help them move through the difficulties they faced in life. Quite often, these tools alone were powerful enough for a client to begin working through difficulties on their own, therefore not needed to rely on continual therapy. These tools and strategies are here to provide a foundation for your self healing journey. When used as intended, you will noticed profound shifts in your mood, mindset and life.

Sample Module Access

The sample Module available is just ONE of the modules offered in SHE. Your purchase will give you access to this module for 12 months from date of purchase.