Learn my “Magnetic Confidence” secret.

Become The CONFIDENT Woman!!!


This FREE MASTERCLASS is for you if you want:

  • To feel motivated by what’s within you and where you are going more than what others can give you,
  • Become unstoppable both in your drive and energy,
  • Be the type of woman who inspires other women to choose themselves,
  • To feel completely grounded in who you are and where you is going with your life,
  • To prioritise yourself and stay true to what is in alignment for you.

When you connect with your inner confidence, nothing can stop you!

You will embody:

  ✨ Feeling a deeper connection with yourself,

  ✨ Access to a consistent higher vibration,

  ✨ Feeling fulfilled and in alignment,

  ✨ Create your desires with ease and grace,

  ✨ A deep knowing that you are enough!

You can release:


  ⚡️Feeling lost, 

  ⚡️Depleted energy, 

  ⚡️The burden of external expectations,



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Who Am I and Why I am Sharing This?

Hello, I am Nikki Horsford

I studied how the mind works for over 7 years, and embraced my own self-development journey for over a decade. Now I work to empower women who are ready to take their journey to the next level and become the best version of themselves.

My life philosophy is centred on the principle of ‘self-awareness’, and with this I empowers women to be the most authentic version of themselves through varied tools and processes.

This masterclass is an opportunity for all women to access the simple tips and tools I has used to cultivate her Self Confidence.
Nikki Horsford
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