How breathwork and visualisation can heal your inner child. Begin your inner child healing journey with this guided Breathwork, Meditation and Visualisation session.
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Breathwork + Visualisation assists with the healing process of your inner child
Nikki Horsford
Self Healing Mentor | Psychologist | Breathwork Facilitator
Breathwork assists with the healing process, it also calms and relaxes the mind and body, can release emotional blocks, lowers anxiety and stress, increases presence and happiness, and promotes self-love and self-confidence.

Visualisation draws awareness inward to the subconscious mind, activates your senses, while activating your body's natural state of relaxation. It can exercise the mind, boost creativity, and help you gain control over your behaviours, emotions, and physical wellbeing. Visualisations also assists with the healing process.
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The Inner Child

Our inner child is a part of ourselves that's been present ever since we were conceived, through utero and all the developing years after where we were young and developing, from baby, infant, toddler, young child to primary schools years and adolescent years.

You have an inner child. I have an inner child. We all have an inner child. Your "inner child" is a part of your subconscious that has been picking up on messages way before if was able to fully process what was going on (mentally and emotionally). It hold emotions, memories and beliefs from the past as well as hopes and dreams for the future.

You may notice that you're experiencing fear, perfectionism, anxiety or are avoiding certain people, places or experiences. These are all ways that your inner child is attempting to feel safe. 
When the inner child is running the show (autopilot/subconscious mind), it will choose behaviours, thoughts and choices based on a unconscious beliefs or memories from the past, and based on what the inner self would need to feel safe.

Often, the inner child does not have access to the healthy adult part of ourselves and may not know about how life is different now, or how things have changed.

This is why we use visualisations and Breathwork to access this part of ourselves so we can process stuck emotions and meet the unmet emotional needs of our inner child so we don't keep repeating the same unhealthy patterns for the rest of our adult lives.
About Nikki

Nikki has been studying and practicing psychology, women’s mentoring and healing for over 10 years.  She has also recently completed her Breathwork Facilitator accreditation.  Using a compassionate and knowledgeable approach, her passion is to help women heal their subconscious wounds that are unconsciously impacting their intimate relationships.

Nikki incorporates the power of breathwork, self-awareness and emotional healing to help her clients heal the unconscious layers that are sabotaging their relationships.  She believes that when you can heal the underlying emotional wounds, you are able to experience true connection with ourselves and others.

Nikki Horsford
Self Healing Mentor | Psychologist | Breathwork Facilitator
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