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Saturday 29th October 2022
~ Sunshine Coast ~

REJUVENATE Women’s Retreat has been created for you to reconnect with yourself, release self sabotaging patterns, and rejuvenate your relationships! Give yourself permission to put yourself first and connect with like-minded women in a safe, healing space. REJUVENATE gives you the opportunity to focus on what YOU need.

This half day Retreat is for you if:

* You’re feeling disconnected from yourself

* You’re feeling disconnected from your partner

* You have a habit of projecting your shit onto others

* You feel awkward being open and vulnerable with others

* You want to connect with your inner child

* You are ready to show up for yourself

* You want to feel the alignment within

* You are ready to release what no longer serves you

* You are ready to or have already started doing the inner work

* You want to find love inside

* You are open to alternate ways of healing (breathwork, meditation, and cacao ~ plant medicine)

Let’s journey together to unlock the reasons your relationship isn’t thriving and why you’ve been left feeling distant and unfulfilled. We are going to use the power of breath to journey inward, reconnecting you to your inner child.

The KEY to rejuvenating your relationship is reconnecting with yourself.

Tickets available now for Saturday 29th October, 2022

9 Reasons to engage with
inner child work.

Reason #1: heal the layers of your childhood wounds

If you were abused, neglected, did not experience attunement or experienced trauma at a young age, connecting with that inner child can help you to heal those wounds.

Reason #2: respond rather than react

When the wounds aren’t identified or healed, we often respond from that wounded place. Meaning, rather than responding to the situation we are in as an adult, we may react with childish behaviours. Healing helps us to be able to respond to situations with healthy, appropriate behaviours.

Reason #3: Connect with who you authentically are

Healing the wounds can get you back in touch with the self prior to trauma or harmful experiences, to reconnect with innocent joy & excitement we feel as a child.

Reason #4: able to address our emotions and needs in the present

We can look through our adult perspective (without judgement) instead of seeing the experience as we did as children - judging or invalidating the pain we felt.

Reason #5: begin setting healthy boundaries

An adult with a wounded inner child may have difficulty saying "no", and may struggle to put their needs before other's needs. Healing the inner child will help with setting healthy boundaries and prioritising one's own needs first.

Reason #6: define your sense of self

A child taught to prioritize other’s happiness and comfort above their own, will have likely picked up the habit of changing their personality depending on who they are with. Healing the inner child can help you be yourself in all situations and be aware of what you need at any given moment.

Reason #7: stop people pleasing

A wounded child has learnt to be a people pleaser early in life and often doesn't have the ability to reassure themselves, so they constantly seek external approval. They may feel like a failure if not told otherwise. Self validation, internal approval and confidence to try things for themselves can come from healing these parts of your inner child.

Reason #8: improve emotion regulation

The wounded inner child may have difficulty controlling their emotions, and frequently feels guilty when they feel a “negative” emotion like anger or sadness. Feeling these emotions without judgement and processing them as they occur will provide more balanced with emotions associated with every day triggers.

Reason #9: Silence your inner critic

Do you find that no matter what you do, nothing is good enough for that inner critic? The critic finds a way to judge you, criticise you or beat you up about every thing you do. The journey of healing the inner child helps turn the volume down on the inner critic and strengthens your self compassion.

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Hi, I am Nikki,
Self Healing Mentor

I has been studying and practicing psychology, women’s mentoring and healing for over 10 years. Using a compassionate and knowledgeable approach, my passion is to help women heal their subconscious wounds that are unconsciously impacting their intimate relationships. I use the power of breathwork, self-awareness and emotional healing to help my clients heal the unconscious layers that are sabotaging their relationships. I believe that when you can heal the underlying emotional wounds, you are able to experience true connection with yourself and others.

I would love to support you on your healing journey!
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